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Strip Games With My Mom

This story is imagination story. My family consists of dad, mom, sister and me. We lived in the apartments in Mumbai. My dad works in the private company in Mumbai as supervisor. He was busy with work in developing the company. He was the right hand to boss in that company so he was always busy with the work. He regularly goes to gym to maintain the good physique and was fair and tall. My dad married my mom when he was 25 years and mom was 22 year. Next the mom was the house wife. She is the head of the managing all the works and maintain the house. She doing the exercise and yoga in the morning regularly in order to maintain good physique. Next sister studying in Arts College and maintain the good physique. Next it’s me I saw the porn movies regularly and masturbate regularly. This incident when I was finished xii std during summer holiday and waiting for the result. I regularly saw the porn movies. On day I saw the entire family fucking in the room. So I was fully excited and in the night I masturbate four times in the bed. I made the plan to enjoy with all of us. Here I want to tell about my mom. She is so beautiful and huge melons of 38C size bra. While her walking in the floor its moves up and down. In the bottom portion it looks like a white pillar and small size appam I think. In the back she have two big size tits it also attracting to others. I don’t see my mom nude before. In the home mom used to wear the nighty but sometime she wears saree. She was so gorgeous looking at that time. Next come to my sister she is just Xerox of my mom. She has huge melon and tits. She wear the modern dress. While her walking in the road all the boys look at the sister and keep the eyes on both tits and melons. I have the good athletic body and good stamina. i have cock size 7 inch length.
During the summer I made the plan to enjoy all of us. First made the steps to seduce my mom. My dad did not satisfy the mom for the long time. So mom are so hungry for sex. I used to see the mom while bathing. One day I saw in the bathroom she caught me at that time. I returned to room and feeling shy. Mom came to her room and changed the dress. She called me to help in the kitchen. I ran into the kitchen and helped the mom. We finished cooking and arrange the lunch in the Dining table. Mom and I started the lunch. She started to tease me. She licks the carrot very naughty. I understand the situation. I also tease the mom. After finished the lunch we went to hall and started seeing T. V. After sometimes we had the chat looks like normal speaking and after sometimes I becomes dirty talk. Mom ask the son can I ask one question. Are you seeing me while bathing in the morning? Son replied no mom! Mom I will inform to dad saw truly. Son nodded the head down and say yes mom I saw on bathroom through the ventilator. Here onwards don’t do like that. If you want to see me directly and come and knock the door. Its make me confident and moved to next steps. I understand that she was likes me. Shall I tell one thing? I saw the bra and panty of yours its looks like old style. Please try the new design and modern bra.
Mom accepted that and told that we will purchase in the town. In the evening we go to the shop. My mom asked the sales person where the women’s inner wear. They is replied that it was in third floor. We moved to the Third floor. I hesitated to go with my mom. My mom you wait near the opposite side. I Show it in the mirror. You can able to see. I make the call to my mom and told bra was so nice and matched panty. She looks for her daughter also. She brought for her daughter also. We returned to home at that time her daughter also come. I parked the bike in the stand. Mom firs entered the home. Daughter asked where you went. She told to buy inner wear for me. Her daughter asked to show the inner wear. Mom refused show her inner wear. She gave bra and panty which she purchased for her. She went to room and eager to see. She looks the inner wear it was so nice and happy to wear it. She wear that asked the mom to see that. Mom told It was so nice and don’t wear that regularly. She replied that ok mom.
Mom also satisfied with daughters replied. She said the thanks in the heart to my son for selecting wonderful panty and bra. In night dad came and we have wonderful chat with family and ate the dinner and slept in their room. Me as usual thing how bra and panty looks for my mom in dreams. After sometime I masturbate and slept. My mom have sex with my dad and slept.
In next day as usual dad went to office and sister went to college. Mom finished the morning the breakfast went to bathroom for bathing. I noticed that mom slightly opened the door it would be easily able to see for me. I hidden in one place and started watching. I think mom couldn’t notice me in that place. But my mom easily see my action through the mirror. I think that this right time to seduce the mom. My mom going to finish the bath. So I ran into my room. My mom as usual came to her room and changed the dress. Mom quickly finished the preparing the lunch. We had the lunch together. After finished the lunch we started talking and watched T. V. I used to see the star movies. I kept in the channel at that time one hot kiss came. I look mom. She will enjoy that. Slowly talking about the scene this so hot mom. Immediately gave one horny look at me. She asked that did you see the sex movie. I said no mom. She once again asked same question you must answer honestly. Mom I need to take promise from you. You won’t say to anything to others. Mom replied that ok I promised you. I saw some porn movies through the net. Mom replied that oh! Mom asked to him what the videos you see are. He answered to mom I saw so many videos mom. She asked what type you like most. Be honestly answer this question I am very much interested in incest and strip sex mom. Mom saw him shockingly what. Incest ah. He replied that nodded the head down. I also very eager to play the strip game with you. Mom what do you mean. He replied while we playing one needs to obey the others words. Once you started playing you won’t quit the game in between it is the rule for that game. Mom I won’t play with you. I requested the mom to play with me now. She was panic to play. Mom told need the time to think to play with you. He replied I promised you I won’t say anything to others about the game. Mom told she will tell tomorrow. In the evening her daughter came as usual going on. Sister told to mom I go the industrial visit to Pune tomorrow through the college bus and returned late night. She busy in ready for the tour in the night. She woke up in the morning 5 0 clock and went to college. At that time itself mom also started preparing breakfast and as well as lunch also. My sister leave home at 6 0 clock and I woke up at 9 o clock as usual and dad went to office as usual.
Mom went to bathroom and finished bathroom and returned to her room and dressed. She going to hall and see son. His son I watching music channel. Mom told that I ready for your game. He was in heaven and jumped here and there. Mom strictly told you won’t say anything to others including your sister also. He searched for the carom board. But the coin is missing. He planned to go to shop. Before going to shop he asked the mom to wear the bra and panty that we purchased on that day. Mom replied ok my dear son and I will show one suspense. He went to bathroom and quickly finished the bathing. He dressed quickly and bought the new coins. He bought the energy drinks for both of them. He returned to home quickly and searching for the mom. Mom in her room and dressing. He also went to the room and ready for the game and started searching the handy camera for recording the game. I finally found the camera and insert the new dvd to record the entire game. Now the time its 1 0 clock. Mom make the sound from her room my dear son go and have your lunch in the dining table. I finished my lunch and waiting for the mom response from her room. After 10 min mom called from her room are you ready dear. I replied I am ready. I went into the room. Mom decorated the room beautifully. I feel that I was in heaven. I Searched my mom where are you. Mom will behind me. Mom have the black cloth for tied around my eye. I asked why you tied my mom She replied that it was the suspense. Mom already place the carom board in the table I asked the mom I need to place these camera for recording. Mom asked for what you recording. Please mom I want to see at any time in my room. Mom told that it causes risk for me. Mom have one idea you record the show and give the cd to me I will keep safe for some days. After someday I will give it you. Are you satisfied with the Deal ah? I replied that Deal mom. Mom keep the camera in one side and press the start button. I once again say the rules. One who scored you will obey the others words and who won the game others become slave. Mom told ok deal. Shall we start whether you start or mom starts? I replied that I will start the game. I asked mom how I can put the coins in the hole. It’s your challenge. If you have interest on mom play with confidence. White coin for you and black for mom I slowly place the hand in the carom board and found the striker. I started striking the striker and white coin falls into the hole. Mom told that you win this turn. I was so happy and ask mom to give kiss on my lip. Mom accepted the deal and stand up and give long lip lock with his son. Next its mom turn mom did not put any coins and missed the chance. Next I put the coin in the whole I Told remove the black cloth covered over my eyes. Mom did that. I was surprised to see my mom in that moment. She was so sexy with low cut blouse and show her navel and hips to me. I told the mom you are damn hot now. Mom replied so only I tied the cloth in your eyes. How was the plan and suspense? I told superb lovely mom I want to fuck you mom. Mom told wait for the turn.
Next its mom turn. Mom put the black coin in the hole. Mom told me remove your pant. I unzipped pant and sit with my underwear in front of my mom. Then it’s my chance I put the coin and asked mom to remove the saree. Mom told me come and remove my saree its makes game hot. I stood up and go near my mom and remove the saree while removing I touched the boobs and tits and hip. Mom won’t say anything. Then its mom turns mom put the coin in the hole. Mom have little confusion in decision whether to remove the underwear of me or remove my shirt. Finally she came nearer to me to remove the shirt while removing the shirt she pinched me in my chest. Next it’s my turn I put the white coins in the hole. I have the chance to remove mom two clothes in her body. Immediately I think that remove your blouse and in-skirt. Mom feels shy to do it. I stand up and go nearer to mom and remove hook one by one. It was so exciting to see my mom in bra. She have good melon sized boobs hiding by the bra. While I removing hook I have taken chance to press boobs. Mom makes sounds. I removed the blouse through it. Next I find the knot of the in-skirt. I removed the knot in-skirt slowly going down. It makes me feel excitement. It was the first time I saw mom in bra and panty. Bra and panty which I bought on that very stylish similar to knot. Bra covers only the melons and tied on the backside. Panty covers only front side thighs alone and backside only small piece it covers the hole. Mom feels shy to sit in front of me. I laughed and see my mom. Next its mom puts the coin the hole and remove your underwear. Mom took the scissor immediately near the table and cut the under wear. The big cock comes outside with full erection. Mom Stunned to see that and she told dance for seconds in front of me. She played the music in the phone. I started dancing while dancing cock goes up and down. Mom enjoys that dance. Next it’s my turn. I put one coin and asked I want to remove your bra. Mom accepted that I go behind and remove the bra. Mom closed the boobs with two hands. I asked the mom to remove your hand. I played the item song in the phone and asked the mom to dance for few seconds. Mom danced well. While dancing boobs moves up and down. Next its mom turn but the coins in the hole. I am first one become nude I am slave to her. Next it’s my turn I put the coin the hole. Ask the mom remove the panty. I am eager to see the mom nude. I ask the mom shall I remove that. Mom told ok come dear. I go in front of the mom kneel down place the hands on the tits and pressed. After few seconds I placed the hand in the knot and remove it. After removing it I took the panty and smelled it. Mom asked what you are doing with my panty. i replied smell coming from the panty good. Mom immediately have the idea mom place hand in son head and pressed towards to pussy. I did not except that in that time. I can feel for sometimes and moved the head away. Mom asked you don’t like that. I replied that it’s full of hair so little difficult. Finally mom won the game. I am slave to my mom. Mom asked me go and take shaving set from the bathroom. I ran into the bathroom took that. Mom told shaved my pussy without single drop of blood. I applied the cream and shave it. Finally I done that and pussy looks beautiful. I licked that for few minutes. I always keep my cock clean and shaved regularly.
I asked the mom did you like that game. Mom told I like so much and give one lip lock for 5 minutes. Mom shall we moved to real game. I don’t understand that. Mom moved to kitchen take some ice cubes in the bowl and oil. Mom searching for the roop. Finally she found that and tied the hands of me. I asked mom why you tied my hand. You are my slave don’t ask any thing and gives one slap in my cock. Mom go to bed and lied down. Mom placed some ice cubes in the body. Mom told to me you moved all over body and put in my hole, if do that I will remove that otherwise you miss the heaven. Did you understand that? I told no mom tube light I won’t allow you insert penis into cunt. Ok mom deal. I started moving ice cubes from the boobs then navel and put in the basket. I told the mom I done that. Mom told I will remove your roop. I turned back in order to remove your roop. Mom placed small ice cube in my hole. I jumped over my mom kissed in all the places. After the kissing all the places and give cock to my mom to suck that. Mom started sucking. After few minutes I give fingering in the cunt. I removed the cock from her mouth and insert the cock in the both holes. We enjoyed for hour. We tried in all position. Final whistle blown I white milk form cock spread all over mouth. We slept for few hours. After 7 0 clock we take the bath. My sis and dad returns to home. We look normally to them. The story ends.

Orgasmic Sex With Son And Ass Bang

Hello i m Meeta, 47 years old working lady. I’m from a small town in West Bengal, few kms from Kolkata. I’m posted there. I live there with my family. My figure is 40d-32-38 so i m quite big and curvy with fair color, huge breasts, big pot shaped belly and round curvy lifted bubble ass. Because of these features men and boys always hit on me or stare at me with lusty eyes. I’m sexy and i wear both modern wear as well as traditional wear. I’m just writing this incident to write about my sexual experience with my son. If u have any problem with incest sex kindly don’t read my story. In the end u can message me about my story or ur sexual experiences but I’ll not entertain any friendship or sex request so don’t waste your time
I m a very strict, tough and a dominating woman. Rahul 22 years old was my stepson and u can say my sex slave. My husband is not active in sex but my libido is strong and deep and how Rahul got attracted to me is a very big story to explain. He’s totally under my command and obeys and follows me sincerely. My husband is a busy businessman so he keeps on travelling and this way in enjoy my sex with Rahul. Rahul has a good muscled body and a big thick cock. He’s very good n sex now because i taught him well. I have turned into a sex beast like me so that i can fulfill my sexual needs and fantasies. U can message me at my id at the end of the story.
Now days passed doing great sex, Rahul gave me amazing orgasms. That night my husband was not at home and i was prepared to have sex with him. I returned from the job in the evening and after dinner i wore that lingerie set that Rahul gave me. It was a black lace bra and thong lace panty. I was wearing it under my sleeveless short nighty. Then i called Rahul from my room and he came. I was in a mood to sex but first i need some massage because of the work. I was lying on my belly and my nighty was up to my thighs, Rahul came in my room and asked mom…. What happened?? Ohh…my, u look so hot. Order me. I invited him to my bed and asked him to strip and get nude. He removed all his clothes and i held his penis and pulled him to bed. I told him today my day at job was hectic. My shoulder and back is paining. He said I’ll give u massage and u’ll feel free. He said right now u r looking so sexy. Thanks for wearing this lingerie.
I was lying on my belly and he started pressing my shoulder muscles with his powerful hands. After his shoulder and neck massage i felt great and asked him to do back massage. He said, can i do it sitting on ur hump? I said nothing just hummmm…he put his legs on either side of my ass and sat on my hips. He was always fond of my bubble ass. He was sitting on it with his cock was touching my ass cheeks. First he did upper back massage with body oil and then he lifted my nighty to my bra and did the lower back massage. It was really impressing and wonderful. I was feeling very light and the pain was gone. I asked him to stop and then he got off my ass and sat at my ass side. He started licking, kissing and shaking my ass cheeks. He loved to play with my ass. He said it’s looking damn hot in this thong. U never let me eat it.
I got up and said today is ur day and removed my nighty. Now i was in his favorite bra and panty. I got off the bed and he asked where r u going??I said to pee. Wait…i came back and he said u look so hot while walking in this lingerie. Ur ass’s motion is very sexy. Can u shake that ass for me? I turned my back to him and put the hands on the table started shaking my big bubble ass. My ass cheeks swayed left and right and i kept on doing that. Rahul was saying wow mom ur butt is so sexy, looks like earth quake. He ran to me, got on his knees and held my thighs. He said don’t stop and then he buried his face between my ass cheeks. I kept on shaking my ass. Then we stopped he said wow i just saw ur shaking ass cheeks. It was amazing.
I looked at his cock it was full erect and few pre-cum drops were on head. He was aroused. I said, u look horny. He said, yes mom a lot. U just made me. We sat at the bed side, doing all this i got little sweat and i opened my bra hooks and took off it. Rahul held my tits and started kissing them. Then he put nipple in his mouth and started sucking it, pressing them with hands. They were sweaty and Rahul licked them well. He also licked my sweaty underarms and said mom ur sweat is very spicy just like u. He kept on sucking my breasts and licking my areola.
Between all this i held his cock in my tight grip and pulled it backward to open it. Then i rubbed its wet top part. His pre-cum was getting high and it was making more slippery in my hand so that i was enjoying rubbing his hard big wet slippery cock. My hand was moving on his cock from top to end. His big mushroom pink top was shining with wet pre-cum and inviting me to suck it. Then he kissed my navel and belly and then as he moved i took his cock in my mouth and moved my tongue on it, licking his pre-cum. I kissed his pink top and put it my mouth, it gave immense sensation to Rahul and then i swallowed its full length in my mouth and as i swallowed he couldn’t bear it.
I pressed it in my mouth holding his balls in my hand. He made a loud sound oohhhh…. And he couldn’t control and tilted his upper body backwards and then he lay on the bed. I was sucking his cock furiously, playing with his balls. My saliva was all over his cock. He was making great loud sounds and i was enjoying it.
I left it after few minutes and i walked on the bed and went to his face and i stood on his face with my legs on either side of his head. I looked at him and ordered him, suck my pussy well and make me squirt then I’ll give u my ass. I pulled down my thong to knees and sat on his face. His mouth caught my pussy and he started licking my clit. Then i leaned forward and held his cock. Again i lick and spitted on his cock and also put his balls in my mouth, sucked and pulled them. I loved playing with his balls. He was in my control and his face was buried between my thighs.
He was licking my clit and i was also enjoying my pleasure. My pussy was now wet and after 10 min, i sucked his cock so hard taking it full in my mouth that Rahul made a loud sound and said i m going to cummm…. His waist got a hard jerk and got lifted up and his cock ejaculated large amount of sperm on my face. I was holding his cock with my mouth wide open to catch his cum. He made 4 consecutive shots and twice his sperm hit my face, then it hit inside my mouth.
As he stopped cumming it took his cock in my mouth licking all his sperms on the top. I swallowed his cum and made his cock and balls empty. A large amount of cum was on my face and Rahul was lying there helpless like a dead elephant. Hi went near his face and kissed him deeply and said what happened to my strong boy. He said u just gave me an orgasm, i m in heaven. He was sweating heavily… i said now u have to give me a squirting orgasm…can u??He said just give me few seconds. .
We were holding each other and he said u look so hot and wild with cum on ur face. Let me do ur facial. He rubbed all cum on my cheeks and face and i licked his fingers. I said. It’s yum. . He said now u look amazing. He came close to me and kissed me deep and long, licking my tongue with his. He was pressing my breast and was kissing me deeply. After a long kiss and few minutes, he said i m ready to eat ur pussy. I opened my thighs and he got between them. Then his face got down and he started licking my pussy. I was lying there holding my boobs as high tongue rubbing on my clit was giving me enough sensations. His tongue tip was moving fast on my clit. He did it for long and in between all this he inserted his middle finger in my pussy and started rubbing it in and out on my vagina walls.
He was still licking my clit and i was moaning uummm…oohh. . Yes…. Ssss. . My pussy walls were getting more and wet. He was eating it very well. Amazing sensations were originating from my pussy running down to legs and from belly to tits and head. It was the start of the orgasm and sooner i felt tight and i squirted a large amount of liquid making a loud sound…ohhh……huh. . My juices gushed through my pussy contracting my pussy muscles and while i was squirting Rahul was still sucking there, licking my fluid. I was breathing heavily with an increased heart rate and my whole body was shivering and sweating. I was feeling weightless, currents running in my body from head to top. Rahul was still sucking my pussy and by this it happened thrice in intervals of 10-15 seconds.
Three squirting were amazing and too much orgasmic, my body lost a large amount of fluids. I was flying in the sky of heavenly pleasure. He did it well because i taught him well. Then Rahul close near me i took a unclear sight of him. His face was shining because of my fluid. He said wow mom u squirted a lot. Now u look very beautiful and fair. Then he put his penis top on my clit and started rubbing on lips. His cock was hard again. I was still in pleasure but i can feel his cock rubbing. Then he held me putting his arms under my under arms and started kissing me. He inserted his hard cock inside my pussy and poised for some seconds and then his hips started moving forward and backward. My legs were open wide and he was fucking me well with powerful strokes. My pussy was very slippery and his cock was moving in and out very smoothly.
Till now i regained some power and consciousness. I heard me saying fuck me hard……oohhhh yes…yes. . Hard. We were sweating heavily and because of my dripping sweat our bodies were slipping on each other. We both were moaning aahhh…huh…mixing our sound. She was holding my his tight arms holding me very close putting great strokes throbbing his cock giving me deep sensations and extra pleasures . Soon my legs were lifted up and he put some more strokes to please my pussy. I held his ass and wrapped my thighs on his waist, he kept on doing it and as he got slow, he was breathing heavily. So i pushed him aside and we rolled to the side so that i got on top of him above him with my breasts pressed on his chest. I was time to ride his cock; i got up in sitting position and i shake my ass. He said yes…ohh. . Huh…yes and i started riding him moving forward and backward. I was sitting on his cock jumping wildly and my speed was increasing.
He was rubbing my clit with his fingers. My wild jumps were producing thappp. . Thappp. Sounds in the room. It was really awesome to hear them. It was showing my power to fuck Rahul and my ride. Sooner after some time i felt tight and magical vibrations started in my body and i cummed again hitting another orgasm. I moaned heavily ohh…. . Mmmmm and i fell on him and after making few shots Rahul in my flooded pussy, he made a loud sound aahhh…hhhhuhhhh…and cummed inside my pussy. He released a large amount of semen that filled my vagina. Both of us were dead now. We were breathing heavily and can hear each other breath and heartbeat. Soon his cock got small and went out of my pussy. My pussy was dripping with his semen and we were still drowned in the pleasure, lying on each other motionless.
Then after 10 minutes we got up i washed my pussy, drank some juices and water and took rest of few hours. He was still holding me tightly playing with my body. In morning we got up and i noticed the erection on Rahul’s cock. He was fully ready again. He said still u didn’t gave me. I said i was ready but it was not fun doing it tired. Now we can do it. He said sure…i said first we get fresh. He held me and said look at my cock it’s hardened again. I said i have to go to toilet to empty my anus. It’s full of shit not good to do anal. Once it is empty it’ll be fun. I went to toilet emptied my rectum and did enema. I got fresh and soon Rahul got fresh. It was time for anal. Rahul was desperate to bang my ass.
I’ll discuss it later in my next part as it’s a very long process. If u like my story and want to say something about it, how u felt, ur emotions etc after reading it or want to share ur experiences message me at my id meetagds@gmail. Com, and mention the story title in subject for easiness and don’t message me for friendship or sex invitation. I’m not here for that. Hope u like my story and please give ratings and post comments under my story. Love to hear soon from u.

Doubled The Fun In A Hotel Room

Hi this is Ris from Pondicherry post ur feedback to my id rockhardsri@gmail.com, thank u for ur feedback to my previous story this is continuation of that story remaining 3 day we were walking half naked everywhere in the house, we fucked whenever i got erection, while cooking, bathing, washing clothes, we enjoyed that 3 days thoroughly when i was about to leave.
We had a farewell fuckin session which lasted more than an hour then i left to my town, in meantime we had phone fun we planned on meeting but all plans failed, but one day my cousin brother (whose house is located near to my house) came with invitation for their new house Pooja he is also related to my aunt so i thought she will also come to that function, invitation was also sent to my aunt’s village which i heard from her we were happy as we will have a reunion on that occasion and the function also came I was busy with Pooja work i can’t spend time with her though i wanted to, finally that golden opportunity came through my cousin’s father as there were more guests then expected there was a need to book some rooms in nearby hotel so i arranged room for everybody and kept one room reserve which is secluded from other room and it is in one corner and that way is completely deserted except occasional room service which also i managed by correcting service boy as the day falls everyone started to move to their allotted rooms(the keys are already handed over to them). I asked my aunt to send her children to their in laws room and her also obeyed, all pieces are falling together as planned, finally i went to that room which was already open as expected i came prepared.
I already bought a pack of condom and when i entered the room i got shocked she is not alone she was with her sister Vijaya.
I know her name coz she introduced her to me during Pooja she was also a fair lady with 34 28 34 avg ht neither slim and nor fatty. Initially i was unaware of her intention so i was disappointed on her arrival still i thought somehow i shud fuck my aunt as my blood was boiling with lust i already made up my mind, so i went inside and started to chat formally and we went to sleep. Both of them slept in the bed while i slept in floor beneath it i can’t sleep my testosterone was stronger than ever i raised and signaled her, i did not notice her sister’s face as there only single room i went to bathroom and signaled her to follow me.
I don’t know why she smiled toward her sister side a bit and followed me to bathroom, immediately i locked the latch and asked why did u brought her with u for which she sensibly replied how could i take a room alone if so then everybody will doubt me. So i brought her don’t worry she won’t cause any trouble initially i can’t catch the meaning, k whatever already time wasted so
I can’t control anymore i pushed her to the wall her backside facing me i removed my shorts and boxers my 6.5′ dick was standing straight like a pole.
I lifted her nighty above her hips as expected she wasn’t wearing anything under it i can see her hairy pussy ready to rammed and i tore a condom packet with my teeth and put it in a hurry and i positioned myself at her entrance while she was bending and holding the wall i gave a strong push, my dick went completely inside, she gave a “moan aaaahn mma” her sis would have heard it.
If she is awake then i started to fuck her fast i love doing in this position as my crotch hit against her ass, i was unstoppable room was echoing with our fuckin noise “chap chap thup thup” and her moans “huff hnnh s s s s s hunh fuck me fuck me.
S s s s huhn ayyo hahn” in between i was squeezing her 34c boobs, suddenly there was a knock in bathroom door i was like oh shit.
Who will it be i know for sure that i locked my room door b4 sleeping, suddenly there was a sound sis it’s me why r u talking this long i need to pee come quick, i was taken aback oh man how am i going to handle her Sunitha said just hide behind the
Shower screen i can’t think any other alternative so i obeyed her and hid myself Sunitha said yeah i am coming and adjusted herself and went outside.
Her sister was about to enter i thought my heart is gonna jump out any minute she was also in her nighty she lifted her nighty to pee i can see she was saved cleanly seeing this again my dick started growing, after peeing she was looking herself at mirror.
I can’t help but notice how beautiful she is, and she went near the door i thought finally she was gonna leave but i heard a latching sound of the door she returned and started to undress herself in a minute she was nude completely from top to bottom.
I was mesmerized by her beauty then she talked how long are u planning to hide in there now will be a goodtime to show urself.
I covered my crotch with the shorts with my head down i raised, she was laughing seeing my state i asked how u knew.
She simply said ur aunt betrayed u, then i asked why did she went outside, she replied i barrowed a half an hour for myself privately saying this she seductively bit her lips and gave a wink, everything started to get clear for me they planned all of this together (i laughed thinking about my stupidity), she said clock is ticking let get started already I’ve thrown the shorts and moved towards her and held her hair and started to smooch her wildly for 5 minutes and pushed her towards the wall and started to kiss her from head to toe she replied enough with the foreplay let’s start to the main event saying this she pointed toward her pussy, in a hurry i squatted myself with my head near her pussy and grabbed her ass punched a kiss with ma lip on her pussy and later i started to suck her wildly she held the rod above and put her legs above my shoulder and locked it then i plunged into her exploring her pussy i can’t hold anymore i lifted her and made her lie on the wet floor with her back lying in the floor and i moved towards the top and started to smooch again wildly then i took my dick and placed at the tip of her pussy, she was excited and i gave it a jerk my head went inside she shouted ammma and i again gave a strong jerk.
It went inside completely she was like haaaaaaahn aaaaaaaaaaah what are u planning to rip myself apart but i like it then i take it out fully and again rammed it hardly inside her she was like ohhhhhhhhn ssssssss sssssss give it to me. Then i started to suck her boobs and bite her erect nipples we were fuckin like beasts on the floor she started hug me tightly.
I sensed that she was about to cum i increased my speed with strength at last she squirted her juice which i could feel in my dick she shouted ssssss sssss haaaahn u r the man s s s s, i was not yet finished but the half an hour was over. I can hear the knock and her voice was it over oh the time is up i said it was my turn to tease ur sister then i lifted her in the same position and unlatched the door my aunt was like taken back by my attitude, then i carried Vijaya and we dropped ourself on the bed and continued our session right b4 her eyes she was still near the bathroom door confused what to do though Vijaya was having the best ride of her life her eyes were fixed on her sis she cum again and i invited her com and join but still i was teasing her by not giving her enough attention Vijaya told i had enough now my sis’s turn, i replied not so fast she had to pay for her mistake for hiding me the truth she was like sry da i thought of giving u a surprise gift, u know i can’t be convinced u shud get ur punishment she replied politely like a school girl k then what is it.
I can’t lose u at any cost then i raised myself moved towards her removed the clothes in a flash of a second, two naked chicks.
In one room with me i was in cloud nine hen i lifted her and dropped next to Vijaya (she was watching us carefully) and i turned her with her face facing downwards keeling and lifted her face and ass slightly upwards i asked Vijaya to get under her sister and get into a 69 position remaining they understood they started while i opened her ass cheek and stuffed my mouth in my aunt’s ass and started to suck her wildly she was moaning heavily i continued for another 5 minutes and i positioned my dick against her backdoor entrance then i held her hip firmly and started to give a push after much struggle my dickhead alone went inside.
She was begging to do it slowly then after sometime i started to slowly fuck her ass and after 5min i was completely inside
Her ass then slowly i picked up the pace and started to ram her hard her ass was incredibly tight it was squeezing my dick.
She was literally shoutin hayyyyo haahn happppaaaaah then i squeezed her breast and fucked her hard my balls were slapping against her pussy which was wet from her sister’s sucking then i asked her sister under to move i shifted my entire weight on her and she fell flat on her stomach i was above her and was fucking her ass with all my might i can sense her that i was about to cum i took my dick out and inserted in her mouth and started to fuck her mouth and ordered her to drink it completely and i came hardly for more than 15sec.
She obediently swallowed my entire load then i fell in between both of them my aunt said initially the a pin was unbearable i thought I am gonna die but soon it turned into complete pleasure but i doubt i can’t walk properly for someday naughty boy saying this she kissed me i can taste my cum a bit salty on that ni8 again i fucked both of them separately hope u like my story.
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Sisters’ Wonderful Birthday Gift – Part I

Hi every incest lover….
My name is Sanjay. I am from Hyderabad. I am an average looking guy, studying B.Tech final year. I come from an upper middle class family. My father works as an Executive Engineer. Mother is a house wife. I have a beautiful sister Sanjana, who is 2 years elder to me and she is pursuing her MBA in US. She is a beauty with sexy figure 32-28-32.
This story which I am, going to share with you had happened after my EAMCET exam, before i was joining engineering. At that time she was in her III year of Engineering.
Me and sister used to have a normal relationship until this happened. I used to tease her a lot and play with her. We used to fight for remote and all kind of arguments used to happen. I had very little know sex knowledge. During my 8th class i got little information about sex and all and how to masturbate through friends. I used to look at heroines pics in newspaper and shag. When I was in 10th, I sexual feelings for my sister as i dint had any girlfriends also at that time. But after 10th I went to hostel so I forgot about that.
As you guys know after EAMCET there is a lot of time for admission. At that time she was in her engineering 2nd year. During that time I used to spend most of my time with friends and in the evening I would be with my sister asking about her college, ragging and other stuff. At that time we had to share the same bed room as we had recently shifted to a new place which had 2 bedrooms only, we used the same pc. Mostly I used the computer for playing games. But one day when she went to college I unknowingly opened the browsing history .I was shocked to see the sites my sister browsed. There were lot of sexual sites for porn videos and sex stories. This is how I came to know this about ISS .I started reading the stories one by one. I mostly used to read the incest category. From that day I started observing my sister and i was becoming hornier and hornier. When she is at home she mostly wears T’s night tracks and nighty. I couldn’t stop myself staring at her sharp figure! What a great figure she had. I was becoming erotic day by day and i was dying to see her awesome body when she is asleep.
It was rainy season. One day she went to her friend’s home in the evening, and when she returned home she was drenched in water. At that time mom was in kitchen and I had to open the door. I was stunned to see her. She wore a chudi top which is tight fit to her figure and wet cloth had stuck to her body. Top had a long side cut and she wore a leg-in. Her thighs and panty cut were clearly visible from wet leg-in. Also it is clear that she wore a black bra and black panty. Smash! I am gone! My cock got up in an instant and i was just staring at her from top to bottom. I couldn’t stop myself starring at her. She just winked at me as if asking me what are you looking at and went into the bathroom to change clothes. I was becoming mad to do something and couldn’t resist myself, immediately after she came I got in and masturbated smelling the wet inners of my sister which she left there.
After dinner that night I couldn’t sleep. She was sleeping on a side with her back facing me. I could see her curves in the bed light so I slowly moved near her. Put my hand on her and didn’t move to confirm that she is in deep sleep. Then I caressed her soft butt. Then I put my leg over her so that she might think that I did it in sleep and moved even closer. Now my bulge is touching her ass crack. Then slowly put my hand over to her breast but couldn’t access as she was in a sideward direction. Slowly I started moving to and fro as if I am fucking her. Aahhaa…. what a great feel!! I had never felt in my life. When I was still trying to get my hand over her boobs suddenly she moved. I just froze away and moved away from her and pretended as if I was in a deep sleep .But to my surprise she didn’t wake up, but just turned to her back. Now she is sleeping with her front facing upward. Wow! Sleeping beside her, I could clearly see the curve of her breasts which looked like mountains in drawing that used to make in childhood (;-). Then I came to know that she is a deep sleep. Again after some time I moved near her and slowly put my hand on her breast over her T-shirt. Wow! What a soft mountains are they? I thought to myself. For some time I felt them and felt her nipples hard. My heart was beating faster doing all this things. I was at peak of arousal and wanted to feel her pussy area. I moved my hand very slowly from boobs to pussy and slowly put my hand on it, Oh my dick! It was so hotttttttttttttttt. I kept my hand on her pussy for some time and felt it was becoming wet, I saw my sisters face but she was still asleep. After some time I went to the bathroom and shagged again, I slept off after that. In the morning she was smiling whenever we met each other. I was in a confusion, as I don’t know the reason if she knew what happened and it was green signal or is it something else.
The day had passed and again I started my work with her after midnight. I wanted to see my sisters beautiful assets. So i planned i would remove her t-shirt upwards and see her boobs. After confirming she is asleep I started my work, i put my hand on her boobs while she was facing me. I gave them a light squeeze, she didn’t react so i was safe. I got to the starting of her t-shirt and lifted it upwards slowly. Then from back i moved it a little up. Slowly i moved them so she doesn’t wake up. My sexy sisters beautiful boobs now came closer. I moved it completely and got shocked! She didn’t wear her bra. I was shivering with fear and cock was dying to get free in my boxers. I saw my sisters’ boobs, brown nipples. Wowwwwww! First time in life seeing a girls boobs. I was ecstatic. I was very horny and wanted to taste them but fear was in mind if she is awake and says anything i would be shamed. After a pounding 5 mins or thinking and enjoying viewing her boobs i decided to kiss them so she doesn’t get up. I got near hear and kissed her nipples very softly. Amazing feeling it was. Now i got more daring and put my hand on them directly and slept. I don’t know when i slept i forgot to put her t-shirt in same position.
Morning i was awake and heard someone having shower in bathroom, i knew it was sister. I planned to see her pussy so went near the bathroom door and check if any hole is there. But still nothing was there, i came back and slept facing the bathroom. I heard door opening sound and closed my eyes. Curious to see what my sister does i opened my eyes and got another shock she was in towel which covered her bottom but top nothing was there. She was facing the mirror kept beside bathroom door. Beside her was a table on which her panty was kept, my cock got up in a instant thinking my sister was just in a towel nothing else. I was really horny and kept hand inside my underwear.
She was combing her hair and using a dryer (:-) for hair drying. After sometime most memorable thing happened in my life!!! My sister dropped the towel (door was closed of our bedroom), and her curvy butt was clearly visible to me. My eyes opened in double the size to see her beautiful ass. Her crack was visible very little. She threw towel on chair and took her panty. She put her hand on pussy and removed something (i guessed it was hair). Something exciting happened now. She bent down to wear the panty! OMG it was awesome scenery….her ass crack was now visible in this position and pussy also was visible in some way. She was unable to wear it she lifted her leg now and put one leg inside. She now turned back (shit i had to close my eyes) and put blanket on. I lifted my blanket in way i can see something from it. She had come closer to bed and sat on it to put her panty. I opened my eyes and lifted blanket to see her soft butt and back from so close she can feel my breath. I was smelling her omg so horny smell it was. Panty wearing was done. She moved again to chair got her bra and wore it. Sexy red bra and panty was making her look like sex goddess.
She looked in almirah for her dress and took a jeans and t-shirt. Again she came back to bed to wear her jeans and t-shirt. Now she had left the room for college. I was already rubbing my cock in bed which i continued in bathroom and shagged thinking of fucking her.(My sister did all this wontedly, which she told me later. So she was seducing me herself). I never let my sister sleep in the afternoon even when there is a chance as I felt I might miss my night act if she don’t get sleep during night time. She used to wear clothes that reveals her shapes.
That night came and after dinner she went back to room saying she is very tired and don’t switch off the fan as its hot today. She wore a nighty by the time i came into room and i can see her bra and panty was on floor (which she had done wontedly, told by her later). I understood she hadn’t wore anything in. I browsed videos for some time and felt sleepy. When i saw her on bed, i was surprised to see her. Her nighty had gone completely up till her thighs. I was really curious to see her pussy from close distance so i came near her legs. From down i was peeping in, it was dark so not clear. But i was already horny by then and dared to push her nighty up. She turned on her back now so it moved it up from back. My heart started pounding seeing her butt so closely, it was round and looking sexy. I was getting around a lot. I kissed on her butt cheeks very slowly. I wanted to put my finger in her butt hole and pussy hole so desperately i was dying. She made a sound so became cautious and moved down and slept on floor till she settles. She turned now facing the ceiling, which made me wonder if she is doing wontedly. I was just enjoying everything. I didn’t care and opened her front portion of nighty which revealed my sisters beautiful shaved brownish colored pussy. It was like 2 closed lips. It was first time me watching her pussy so close. I was already wet in underwear.
It was uncontrollable feeling and i wanted to feel her pussy. I planted a kiss on her pussy. So hotttt it was …wowwwwwwww. I was just feeling so horny seeing her beautiful love hole. I touched it for first time and felt the warmth. It was smelling so horny to me. It was love smell!!!. I dared more and put a finger in her pussy she moaned a little and i felt she was getting awake. She got up and went in to toilet (she felt like peeing, which she told me later). I got so scared and slept instantly. Of course i couldn’t sleep thinking what will happen next if she is ok, is she is not ok, and is she complains to mom dad. All this things made me awake whole night and i was awake late. I slept after a lot of struggle and woke up in morning very late.
She came back in evening and i was avoiding facing her. She came and spoke to me very normally as if nothing happened. Sanju em chesav rojantha intlone na bore et al(What u did all day bored at home?), i was so much relieved by her talk that she is not aware or ok with what i did. That night she asked me before going to sleep”Night em chesav babu nidra leda niku”(what had u done in night u didn’t sleep it seems).
I was scared if she knows it or doesn’t. So i was silent that day and did nothing whole night. I went to a tour next day and came back home. Sanju was having leaves due to telangana bandh, mom and dad went to native place same day. It was my birthday the day before i had reached home. That afternoon I was sitting on the sofa in the hall and was watching TV. Sanju came and slept beside me, after sometime she felt asleep and slept on sofa putting her head on my thighs for watching TV ( that was common for us both to sleep on each other’s lap even in our parents presence). I was in my short and T. She was in a t shirt and a long skirt. While watching TV she felt asleep (all this was part of seducing me which she told me later). I could see she didn’t wear a bra as her nipples were poking. Also her skirt was pulled up showing her milky thighs. I had a bulge in my shorts already. My hand was shivering thinking I might get caught if I touch. So I remained watching her. Then she moved to a side revealing her ass with panty (skirt had move completely up. Her head was on my cock which was trying to get up and her head was making it down. I think, about half an hour had passed. Suddenly she got up and stood before me and said (smiling) ,“What Babu u do everything only in the night ?”. I don’t know what to say. I was just stammering I.. I.. i….she came very close to me and said with a smile on her face , “I know what u were doing all these nights. From today you need not do it secretly. Infect, u can do it any time you wanted. “Saying she remove her panty from the skirt and put it on my head took my hand and kept it on her boob and in no time I started pressing them. She stood up saying, ”oh ! My loving brother this is your sisters’ gift for your birthday. ” She stood up lifted her skirt till her waist. I could see her sexy pussy now very clearly. She sat on me and my cock was touching her pussy without an inch gap. Her boobs were completely pressed to my chest .She put her both hands around my neck and pulled me to her. She kissed my neck, then my cheek, eyes forehead and finally lip locked. I first sucked her lower lip and then her upper lip .then took her tongue in to my mouth putting my tongue in to hers .we were sucking each other like wild animals fiercely fighting. When we were about to take off our clothes the doorbell rang………….meet u in the 2nd part.
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Sister And Me After The Rain

Hello, this is Subhash from Bhopal today i am going to share a secret with all You guys which really happen a few years before. i am an average boy 5.7 height normal weight n normal size lund . now let me introduce You with whom this incident happen . it was my sister Sangeeta age 22 height 5.4 size 34,28 33 she was just a normal girl as any other . so let me come to the story . me n my sister were close from the childhood itself we used to share same room & same bed also but we didn’t had any bad intentions for each other . when this incident happen I was perusing b.com & was 19 and she was doing engineering . Our dad was a small government employee who had to go out of town frequently . my mom was a house wife who took care of us .
As i told me & my sister both shared a same bed n shared many secrets with each other . we both were open minded. . some times i used to pick her up after coll . This all started from the same day . it was rainy day n weather was becoming bad . so my mother asked me to pick her up from coll . it was raining like hell i was completely wet . she just ran from the shelter of coll n sat @ my back we both went home our mother made us hot tea n asked us to change n come to have tea. as there was only one room we both went in together as w both were feeling cold . she said she will go and change in bathroom & i can change in room while she went in taking her cloths and all
I changed and was laying on bed our bed had a direct view to our bathroom & at that movement she was changing without closing the door . i had a full view of her naked sexy “ass”. that moment i was not wearing any undergarments as i didn’t used to wear them @ home i instantly got a hard on .
By mistake i said “oh my god ” she herd that & turned back i had a clear view of her boobs @ that same point she covered herself & closed the door after that some how I controlled my erection n went to have my tea at that movement we didn’t talk much . as time passed & it became night we all had our dinner and went to our rooms still there was a pin drop silence between me & my sister . We both were laying on bed and as I memorized those moments I again had an erection .
We didn’t had our night lamp off so she saw my erection as i was trying to hide it . she giggled & said I am your sister & I am elder than you so i know what you are thinking now and giggled . i said no it is not as you think n turned against her side n laid there as I slept. I was unable to control my erection so i decided to jerk . as I started to jerk the bed started shaking due to which she turned n laid straight
I jerked & went to bathroom to clean On the way back I saw her laying there . she was wearing a pink night gown which had white buttons on it the top two buttons were not tucked so I was able to see her cleavage I again got a hard on .I just went near her n just watched her for some time her breathing was making her breast move up and down in rhythm. i some how gathered some courage n unbutton her bottom 2 buttons i inserted my hand through them towards her belly . it was like silk my cock was paining like hell so I undid my pants n laid there naked by bottom I was feeling her belly n was masturbating with one hand I came and went to bathroom again n then slept
Next morning all went normal as there was no reaction from my sister I was happy and was eagerly waiting for night after time passed night came and she was laying there. she slept as she woke up early in the morning i started my activities earlier today but today i had more courage i directly unbuttoned here mid two buttons & inserted my hands directly to her boobs i was shocked to feel that she was not wearing any bra .
I started to explorer her i pressed her boobs a bit then i pinched her nipples she moaned in a very low tone “Ahhh” i heard that with i got more courage and i directly got my hands back n took them to her bottom where i was exploring her i found out that she was also not wearing any panties . i was in seventh heaven . i touched her most private area which was wet and sticky . as soon as i tried to insert 1 finger she took hold my hand and said i know what you are trying to do i was completely white as i feared she might make noise and let all others know what i did
She said i know what you are trying to do from yesterday . I begged her for apology and requested her please don’t ever tell to anyone as our parents will kill me she said you saw me naked that day yesterday played with my belly and today this , y is that only you can enjoy . she directly the inserted her hands into my pants n took my penis out . I was surprised as hell and was in seventh heaven. she said shhhh and said You are grown up from last time when i saw you naked and directly kissed me we both exchanged saliva and were crazily tried to suck each other the some how
After 20 min both of us felt exhausted n laid there as it is . she said now its too late lets continue tomorrow. i woke up with her in the morning she gave me a deep passionate kiss and said tonight it will be fun . i said mom is busy in her work and the door is locked can u please take a bath bath with doors open she said you naughty boy n agreed . she firstly went down to check all is ok or not then she came up n with a naughty smile locked the door & unbuttoned her gown one by one .
It gave me an instant erection she saw that n said give chotu some little air. n smiled i said ok and completely removed my pants she was surprised to c my cock . and as she unbuttoned I was becoming harder & harder within a fraction of second she was completely naked . she came near me and asked do u like what you see. I nodded my head n . she had perfect shaped boobs with skin coloured nipples and had a little pubic hair . she came near me sat on the bed and caught hold of my cock .
As soon as she touched it i came all over her hand she laughed n said you are so sensitive n went to bathroom licking her hand . I saw her having a bath n then getting ready for collage . she then went to collage I then went to bathroom and had my all day routines and had my breakfast and came to my room for studying . i was unable to study due to yesterdays and today incident . some how I passed my time till evening my sis came home
She came and said @ night I am having a surprise for you . I was exited , we all had our dinner and went to bed she said wait till our mom dad sleep . she said to mom that she might keep on some music as she is having some project to do . she started the music nearly around 11 and locked the room she then ask me to get up .
I got up and sat she then removed my pants and her gown we both were completely naked . she took my penis in her hand . and touched the tip of it n slowly removed the foreskin backward . it was paining but it was also feeling good . the then kissed it my pre cum was flowing all the way . she then started to take it in mouth in few seconds i was completely inside her mouth . i was feeling like I was in heaven butterflies were there in my stomach . in a few minutes i came in her mouth and she didn’t wasted a single drop and had it all it might sound bad but @ the same time without cleaning her mouth she kissed me . frankly speaking my cum was in my mouth with that kiss
She said now return me the favor and laid there on the bed I took my mouth near her pussy. in my life I was seeing a real pussy for the first time it was skin colored same as it was the color of her nipples . i took my mouth near it and started sucking it i sucked it licked it and finger fucked it for few time &she came into my mouth it was a bit salty in taste .a taste which cant be explained .
Now she said ill show u something she browse through the internet and make me saw this site n said she was a reader of this site and was interested in incest from a long time . she then made me saw me some incest videos which she had borrowed from her friends and some comics . she said now its time and laid on the bed keeping the incest movie without noise & said lets do it
I placed myself between her legs and slowly inserted my lund inside her pussy it was paining for me like hell and she was also suffering from pain blood came an i stood there in that possession for some time n slowly started moving my hips . she said slowly with tears in her eyes . randomly I increased my speed . she was morning like hell yes yes Faster Faster .Then in 2 or 3 min i came inside her . we both laid there exhausted and after some time she dressed herself gave me a blowjob and slept holding my Lund saying we will continue again. . we still do this till she gets married .. hope you guys like the story.
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Angel Mom Shows Me The Heaven – Part I

If there any mistakes please forgive me this is the first time I’m writing one, it might get long but be patient :)
Hi! Myself Hiren (24/5′) average body. My mom name Sulekha (46/5”3, 38-36-40) for her age her skin is still milky smooth and meat on right places ;), abt my dad he is living in abroad n fulfilling our necessities: p
Actually i wasn’t much in incest but few things made me change my point of view against my family. When i went to my friend house and accidentally saw he was fucking his mom and both were fully nude he was pressing her butt n sucking her boobs and she was moaning in pleasure running her had through his hair and holding him tight, seeing all that made me horny too and rock hard. I just left from there not knowing what to do … I straight went to home and masturbate thinking about what i saw and i was zoned out thinking about it was it real and this was the point i changed.
My mom is pretty broad minded we share things which bother us, she noticed the change in me that am zoned out now-a-days she approached me to talk she was asking, if everything ok did something happen? I just brushed off the topic by saying nothing it just my project work nothing more than that, she didn’t look satisfied to my answer but she didn’t bothered me and got back to her chores, those scenes again flashed on my mind i got a hard on and i went in bathroom to masturbate, i came out with just wearing t-shirt and still semi erect prick and mom entered the room to pick up my clothes for washing and she saw me in that state and quickly turned around “omg! What were you thinking about just roaming naked like that? Geez”, i was dumbstruck for a while n covered myself with bed sheet, i replied “you should have knocked first and come, i was going to shower and had to take my things so came out”, she said srry and left from there, this situation made my prick hard again. I masturbated again and had shower, i went in hall turned on tv and sitting in couch, I was hungry i call mom tha I’m hungry need some snacks. After a while she came and gave me snacks and said sorry again i saw her face she was blushing a little i felt a lil guilty, as she was leaving my eyes followed her path and saw her butt swaying seeing that my heart just pounded and stop for a moment; when i was back to my senses i saw my prick wanted to be free and a tent was raised. I couldn’t sleep that night from that day onwards i started peeking on mom and watching her moves when she use to bent to serve me food i would see her huge boobs and sexy cleavage inviting me or when she dusting house her butt would raise too high. I was getting desperate. When i returned from work she called me for help seeing her sexy butt my prick was hard i just went and hugged her from behind she was lil confused what happed but she didn’t complaint she just thought it was normal hug n she greeted welcome, I was helping her the storeroom was lil crowded coz of stuffs and had very narrow space to move.
She was handling some stuff and wanted to go out and while doing so her butt brushed against my prick accidentally but m sure she must have felt it but she didn’t react and while cleaning i got many chances to feel her soft and private parts everything was done and she thanked me, we both were all sweaty and her clothes clinging to body revealing parts i was examining her sexy body she caught my eye and said what are you staring at? In a caring but stern voice, i was lil scared but i gave a chance of do or die and told her all truth and that i wanna make love to her she was shocked to see my boldness and scolded me blah blah blah … It was night i didn’t wanted to face her so didn’t go for dinner just sat in my room after a while there was a knock on the door she came in still lil anger on her face but she talked and asked me to have dinner, i just listened her and after having dinner i started to move toward my room and she asked me to stop, she was crying also her eyes were reflecting her care for me as I’m the only one for her, to make it ease. I said “I’m really sorry, this won’t happen again cause i care for you mom” she felt a lil good n replied “its ok, i understand for your age its natural”. Everything went normal for few days but i also noticed change in her dressing style like she wanted to reveal in front of me but i was not sure about it so i let it go, once while having breakfast she said “i wanna ask something, and be true”, i said “sure”, she exclaimed that ” the day when i accidentally entered your room; did you do that on purpose? Did you masturbate thinking about me?” I was lil shocked and said “no mom, and told the real truth of that day” she just said hmmm making a poker face , m sure she must be shocked hearing that but didn’t wanted to show any expression … She then asked muffling sound and her voice was cracking in nervousness “do you like observe me ?” i got a lil hint where it’s going to but didn’t wanted to act quick cause this chance might slip away so i just nodded head in yes, she was a lil shy i can see that then she asked “what do you like in me most ?” I said i like the whole you, she exclaimed “explain?”, i said your luscious lips which i wanna suck n get sucked, and i love the way you walk your butt sways i feel like grabbing them and rub my prick on them, your soft n jiggling boobs with whom i wanna play with, your sexy thighs where i was rest my head and make my way between them from where i came in this world. She was amazed n was all blushed but there was a concern in her eye and she said “I’m too old for a guy like you and will society say”, i sensed her lust for me.
I can understand as she is no getting much attention she needs as dad is not here , so i its way to my replied to her “you’re not at all old, you would give complexion to other girls out there and i don’t care about society i just need you”. She was touched but also confused not to know what to do further she was chocked and she cleared her throat and replied promise you will never leave me her eyes were wet, i said “i promise” she hugged me tightly in her embrace we stayed like that for few minutes and then looking in each other eyes she was shy n said “what?” i said nothing just took my face close to her and gave a peck on her lips she didn’t respond i gave another peck still she didn’t i stretched my arms around her and was going to give another peck and she reciprocated by leaning her head towards me and i just took my head back to tease her she was leaning more i smiled and she saw that and got shy again and slapped my chest in playful manner, this was something new and unexpected to both of us so surroundings were silent only our actions talking. I kept hand on her thigh over her saree and leaned to kiss her and she did too this was not a peck it was a lip kiss i probe my tongue on her lips and she accepted it by opening her lips our tongue met and started playing with each other, exchanging saliva it was turned into a deep French kiss, we both were breathing heavily and panting but didn’t wanted to leave each other. I removed my hands from her thighs and slid i around her waist and pulled her tight and closer to me, now her body was resting on me i could feel her boobs on my chest and her erect nipples, i was massing her waist and our kisses were still going wild and she was moaning in pleasure inside my mouth. I grabbed her butt n pressing it hard wow it was sooo soft i couldn’t stop pressing them, we finally released each other from kiss it was really a horny and best French kiss i ever had i bet same for her ;) she then started to move away from me i just pulled her back and she fall on me, she said and pleaded “let me go need to do chores and dinner” i said leave i for today and we will order from hotel today actually I’m hungry but just for you ;) she blushed and said “you are very naughty, now let me go” , i wanted to be with her so i said i will assist you in kitchen today, she said no, i know what you are thinking and blinked at me, i pleaded and finally she agreed.
She was preparing dinner i was helping her by giving things she needed and while doing so i use to brush myself on her and in between hug her she just blushes n said nothing, dinner was ready i had a plan, mom served dinner and we sat next to each other on sofa in front of tv, suddenly my devil mind got an idea i asked mom can we feed each other today? She smiled in funny way and said well hmmm of course … She moved her hand towards me to feed me, i said no not like this mom, she got puzzled then i indicated her feed me by your lips and i smiled sheepishly but same time nervous, her reactions were like what! But she was blushing her cheeks turned red i pleaded her but she kept refusing then i said i won’t eat until u feed me by your lips finally she agreed, she hold food in her lips and her eyes were closed and her lips shivering a lil cause of nervousness. I was enjoying it, she proceeded to me her face came close to mine with closed eyes. I said called her and she open her eyes and she was blushing, i open my lips and got close to her and placed it on her lips, we didn’t bite the food we just stayed like that for few seconds and staring in each other eyes and started sucking each other lips with the food and biting each other lips accordingly, we didn’t eat much cause we were hot by then i just hugged mom and feeling warmness all over my body. I could sense her erect nipples trying to poke out of her blouse as she was not wearing any bra that time, i moved my hands and caught hold off her boobs n slowly pinched her nipples she gave a soft moan, i felt a different sensation when i lowered my eyes i couldn’t believe mom hands were crawling over my thighs getting close to my crotch area finding way to get hold of my cock and she did, she massaged my cock over the track pant i was wearing and the way mom doing it made him hard and the sensation i never felt before i just darted my tongue in her mouth and she readily accepted it tasting her , i was pushing her blouse so i can free her boobs also wanted to see her sexy boobs which i use to suck milk from when i was baby ;) but she pulled my hand away and took it her butt, i just pressed her butt tightly cause of which she arched up and i hugged her tightly, i squeezed my face on her boobs and she loved it. She was running her hands in my hairs n holding tight, i started licking her boobs over blouse making it all wet with my saliva and her nipples where poking put and highlighting themselves and i slowly raised mom saree and her petticoat without her knowledge till her knees i just wanted to get inside cause i wanted to squeeze those soft sexy thighs and the untouched area ;) but moms are smart as always she noticed it and didn’t allow me to raise it above her knee’s, a wild foreplay like this mom made me stop and just blushed and went to kitchen i didn’t wanted to force her so i let her do and act her own way i started watching tv. Mom completed her chores and took shower all that time my eyes were just on her reading and checking her movements and she also knew it and she just blush and turn around. It was really late night, i didn’t wanted to sleep but also didn’t wanted to force her so i just lay on bed turning off all lights and i closed my eyes to clear my thoughts so i can be lil calm but it didn’t help my hand automatically went over my cock and i started rubbing it thinking about mom and the incidents we went through i was just in t-shirt and naked below feeling my cock like mom did but it had different magic when mom did it…
I will post my next part of story soon after i see good response promise :) you can email athothungrystud@gmail.Com if you would like to share your thoughts or story with me then you are most welcomed and you can expect utmost privacy from my side :)
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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Sagi Behan Bani Meri Patni Aur Maa Meri Saas

Meri behan ka naam Gauri hai wo 26 saal ki ek dam khubsurat aur baht sexy hai uski gaand moti moti aur boobs bade bade hai 36d-30-38 aur wo normally jeans aur top pehanti hai aur bht sexy lagti hai…
Mai Manish 28 saal ka ek average dikhne wala ladka hu.
Meri maa Nisha 42 years ki hai aur wo bhi ek dam gori hai but unki height kam hai jisse wo thodi moti lagti hai but unki gaand baht mast hai 36d-32-40 fig ki malkin meri maa baht chudakkad hai papa ka nidhan ham logo ke bachpan me hi ho gaya tha…
Mai aur meri behan shuru se hi kafi frank the ek dusre se bhut baate karte aur kisi se koi baat nahi chupate the..Meri behan Gauri aur mai dhire dhire ek dusre se pyar karne lage aur ham ab sex par bhi baat karne lage the…Meri behan Gauri mere sath meri gf ki tarh hi rahne lagi thi aur ham bahar ek dusre ke gale me haath dal kar bhi ghumte the…Ek din mai aur meri behan mere room me baith kar bluefilm dekh rahe the…Ham dono movie me khoye huwe the ki hamare piche kab mammy aakar khadi ho gayi pata hi nahi chala…Movie baht hot thi aur usme ek ladka apni gf ko baht pyar se chod raha tha…Ek dam se mammy ne gusse me kaha Manish aur Gauri kya kar rahe ho ye…Ham sono dar gaye…Aur mammy ke samne rone lage…Mammy ne picha sach batana kya kya kar chuke ho tum dono…Aur tum bhai behan ho tumhe sharm nahi aati kya…To maine kaha mammy ham ek dusre se baht pyar karte hai aur bus ham aaj pehli baar hi….To mammy boli beta Manish mai Gauri ke liye ladka dekh rahi hu..Aur ab jab tum dono ek dusre se pyar karte ho to shadi bhi kar lo ham kahi dusre shahr chale jayenge aur waha tum aazadi se apni zindgi enjoy karna…Meri maa ke muh se eisi baat sunkar ham dono bhai behan shock rah gaye…Aur maine Gauri ki tarf dekha to usne sharma ke muh niche kar liya…To maa ne apna phone nikala aur araya samaj me call kar ke next day ki date book karwa li.. Fir mammy meri behan ko waha se le jane lagi to maine kaha mammy ek baar Gauri ko hug to kar lene do…To maa boli wo sab shadi ke baad..
Mai bahut excited tha kyoki kal meri pyari behan meri patni banne wali thi..Fir mammy ne muje kaha ab to apne dost ke yaha chala ja mujhe ghar me bht kaam karna hai aur kam sham ko mandir aa jana thik 8 baje….
Agae din sham ko mai mandir pahuch gaya meri maa meri behan Gauri ko dulhan ki tarh saja kar mandir le aayi…Jaha pandit ne ham bhai behan ke fere karwaye..Fir pandit ne meri behan ki maang bharne aur mangalsutra pehnane ko kaha…To maine waise hi kiya fir is ke baad meri behan ne mere paav pade aur kaha aaj se aap hi mere swami ho mere sab kuch ho…Mai apna sara tan badan aapke charno me arpit karti hu mujhe apni patni ke roop me swikar kare…To maine meri behan ko uthaya aur uske maathe par kiss ki..Aur Gauri ke kaan me kaha meri jaan bhale hi ham pati patni hai par ghar me to tum mujhe bhaiyya hi bologi…Fir hamne mammy ke paav pade…Aur car me baith kar ghar aa gaye..Gahr aakar maa meri behan ko undr kamre me le gayi fir meri maa ne mujhe aawaz di…
Aur under gaya to dekh kar dang rah gaya meri behan bed par baithi thi aur meri maa ne wo room baht saare laal gubabo se sajaya tha aur room me baht romantic mahool ho raha tha…Maine mammy ko kaha thanks to maa boli beta aa ja teri patni ke sath jo chahe kar ab aaj se teri behan Gauri teri patni hai tum chahe bf dekho ya banao mujhe koi prob nahi hai…fir maine mammy ko kaha maa ab aap jao na mujhe meri suhagraat manane dogi ya nahi…aur fir maa bahar chali gayi…fir mai meri behan Gauri ke paas gaya aur uska ghunghar uthane laga to Gauri boli bhiyya ek shart manna padegi…maine kaha bol behan kya chahiye to wo boli aap mujhe baht enjoy karoge aur mujhe bht pyar karoge na…mere aur sex ke bich meri ham ichcha puri karoge na…to maine kaha haa meri pyari behan…fir maine meri behan ka ghunghat utar diya aur uske hotho par kiss ki…
Fir main eek ek kar ke meri behan ki sab jwelry utar di…meri behan ne meri sherwani ke bottons khol ke meri sherwani khol di…aur fir meri underwear bhi khol di aur mujhe nanga kar diya mera lund ek dam kadam tha maine Gauri ko kaha behan ise apne hotho se chuwo to meri behan ne mere land par kiss ki..Aur meri bolls ko touch kiya maine Gauri me baalo me haath fera aur apna land meri behan ke muh me daal diya… Meri behan mera land apne muh me under bahar kar ke candy ki tarh chus rahi thi..Fir 10 mint ke baad maine Gauri ko khada kiya aur uske kapde utar diye aur use nanga kar diya mai neri behan ke nange badan ko ghur raha tha to Gauri boli bhaiyya eise mat dekho na mujhe sharm aane lagegi…fir maine meri behan ke dono boobs par haath rakha aur nipples press karne laga…aur ke muh se ahhhh….Uuffffffff aaaaaaaaaaaaa……..Siskiya nikalne lagi…to maine uske hotho par apne hoth rakh diye aur uski kiss lene laga….
Fir maine apne haath meri behan ki gaand par rakhe…aur uski narm mulayam gaand dabane laga…fir maine Gauri ko bed par laita diya aur aur meri behan ne apni taange faila di…mai samajh gaya meri behan kya chahti hai to maine meri behan ki chut chatna shuru kiya…uski choot ek dam chikni thi…aur usme se ajeeb sa meetha paani nikal raha tha…kariib 15 mint baad Gauri ko maine ulti kiya…aur uski gaand chati…mere land ka bura haal tha aur meri behan baht hit par aa gayi thi…usne mere baalo me haath dala aur boli bhiayaa ab daal bhi do na..Mat tadpo apni biwi ko apni behan ko…to maine Gauri ki dono tange faila di..Aur apna land dhire dhire uski choot me dalna shuru kiya…meri behan zor zor se chilla rahi thi….Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh….Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh….Maine dhire dhire land apni behan ki choot me kiya….Wo pagal ho uthi…jaise hi mera topa uski choot me gaya meri behan uchal gayi…aur aaaaaaaahhhhhh……aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…..Nahhhhhhhiiiiiiiii……uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhfffff….Baaaaaaaassssssssssss…bhiyaaaaaaaa….Aaaa hhhhhhhhh…mammmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa………mar gayi chillane lagi…maine apna land bahar kiya aur dekha to mere land par blood laga tha maine Gauri ko kaha dekh behan aaj teri seal bhi toot gayi…ab tujhe thoda sa pain aur hoga to ready hai na fir enjoy hi enjoy hai….To wo kuch nahi boli main eek baar fir apna land meri behan ki choot par rakha aur ek zor ke jhatke se pura land under under kar diya…….Meri behan zor zor se rone lagi…aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh….Aaaaaaaaaaaahh….Nannnnhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii bhaiyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaa….Ufffffffffffff……..Bhaut dard ho raha hai………chod do……..Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz……..Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh….Mammyyyyyyyyy…..Mar gayi………..Maa bacho………..Bhaiyyaaaaaaaaaaa….Raham karo……..Par main eek na suni aur tezi se apna lund under bahar karne laga…..Meri behan ka dard 10 nimt baad kam ho gaya aur wo apni gaand utha kar mera sath dene lagi….Maine pucha Gauri ab kaisa lag raha hai to wo boli bhiayyyyyaaaaaaaaaa….Daalo aur aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh….Maza aa raha hai….Chod do mujhe……..Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh …fir maine Gauri ko kaha behan teri choot ki seal to toot gayi a baa teri gaand bhi khol du taki kal se hame koi pareshani aur takleef na ho…to meri behan ghodi ban ke baith gayi aur boli aaaaaaaaahhhh…bhaiyya lo maar lo meri gaand apni behan ki sagi behan ki apni patni ki gaand bhi maar lo…to maine apna land meri behan ki gaand me dalna chaha magar ched bhut chota aur tight tha…fir main eek zor ke jhatke se pura lund under kar diya…meri behan ki chikkkkkkk….Nikal gayi aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh……bhiyaaaaaaaaaa……….Nahi…nahi…nikalo nikalo…na….Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh bassssssssss………par maine jhatke chalu rakhe 3 mint me hi meri behan ki choot se paani nikalne laga aur mera land maine uski gaand se nikala…aur bola meri behan apna muh kholo na…aur maine apna land Gauri ke muh me daal diya meri behan mere land ko chusne lagi…2 mint me mera paani bhi nikalna shuru ho gaya…aur mainesaara cum apni behan ke muh me daal diya….Jise meri behan pe gayi…us raat bhar mai aur meri biwi 3 baar discharge huwe…

Delhi Mai Shuruaaat – Part I

Hello friends…………..Agar aap sab ek jaisi stories pad-pad kar bor ho gaye hai to ek bar muje muaka dai……..Or ha sabse jaruri meri pyari Delhi ki aunties…….Yai specially aap logo kai liye hai jo satisfied nahi………..
Mai Bhopal ka rehne vala hu naam Aniket Singh height 5’8 hai color thoda fair hai…Abi-abi graduate hokar lakho sapne liye Delhi aya hu ki ek job mil jaye…….Pyar jesi chije bhopal mai hi dil ko tod kar mujse kafi dur ho gayi, magar sex ki bhuk double ho gayi thi……Kyuki mai sex ko iss body ki sabse imp jarurat samjta hu….Aap kitne bi tension mai ho ya thake ho apko bas ek shandaar sex ki trip mil jaye or aap recharge…..Magar kuch log isse ganda samjte hai……Magar-agar yai ganda hai to hum indians isme sabse agge kyu hai……..Are bhai population ese hi thode na badh gayi……Kudh socho…………Chalo ab story par ate hai!!!!!!!!
Delhi ki garmiya to apko pata hi hai….Bas isi garmi mai……Mai bi fry ho raha tha……Ek office sai dusre fir tisre or na jane kitne……Pura ek mahina ho gaya tha job dudhte-duthte…..Magar sali job thi k milti hi nahi….
Kahi koi fresher hone ka bahana karke mana karta to kahi kuch oor magar job koi nahi de raha tha. Tabi ek din sham ko mai Delhi kai ek five star beer lounge mai muud halka karne gaya…….Meri pasand ki beer(haw garden) magayi or uska ek ghoot mara hi tha ki meri najar samne se a rahi ladki par padi…..Uuuuuuuuuuuufffffff……..
Ek ghoot mai hi nashe ho gaye…..Beer pine kai paise vasul………(mai aksar esi jagah sundarta ko niharne jaya karta tha)
Ek safaid apsara single piece light pink color dress mai balkhati si mere samne ki table par akar bedh gayi…..Kya kahu use dekh kar dil garden-garden ho gaya…..
Halke sunere baal,kali eyes,pink lips (pink lips ka matlab iski pussy bi pink) halka sa make-up kiya hua…..Body ka ek-ek part tarasha hua…..Kahi bi 1 gram maas jyda nahi….
Vo apne legs fold karke bedhi thi….Taki uske ghutne se upar hi khatam dress sai under kai saman ki jhalak muj jese pujariyo ko itni asani se na mil jaye………Mai to bas use dekhe hi ja raha tha magar najar chura kar, taki use iss bat ki bhanak na pad jay.
Usne apni drink order ki or cigarette jalane kai liye lighter magane waiter ko awaj lagai magar waiter busy tha to usne meri taraf dekha or mai jhat se apne mobile ki taraf dekhne laga usne muje bola sir apke pass lighter hai……..
Maine bade normal way mai usko lighter pass kiya…….Or isi tarah adha ganta bit gaya vo apni drink mai khoyi huyi thi or mai uske tennis ball jaise boobes mai….Maan kar raha tha kha jau inhe magar kya karta…….Dil ko chup-chap samja raha tha beta ye tujhe nahi milni.
Tabhi usne meri taraf dekha or iss bar hamari najre takra gayi, usne ek pyari si smile di jiske return mai maine usko ek question transfer kiya
Mam aap kya karti hai
Mai mere husband kai business mai unki help karti hu or unki ek company ki m.D. Hu
Don’t say aap married hai….Apko dekh kar koi nahi kahega
Bohot pyari hashi kai sath unhone muje unhe join karne ko kaha or fir hamari batai chalu ho gayi….Bato-bato mai pta chala vo ek bohot rich punjabi family sai hai, naam aditi hai or sabse imp. Vo 30 years ki hai….Muje bharosa hi nahi hua, maine unke face pai unse kha aap abi just 23-24 ki lagti hai or mai to tabse yahi soch raha tha ki apko girl friend kaise banau……..
Vo kafi der tak meri iss bat hasti rahi or mujse boli ki tum 22 year kai lagte nahi ho balki 26-27 kai lagte ho agar thodi body or banalo to 30-32 kai lagoge…….
(friends mai athlete buildup ka hu suru sai sports mai raha to kafi strong hu mai modern clothes kai sath dadhi or much bi rakhta hu jis karan mai thoda bada lagta hu varna log mujhe hamesha bacha samaj lete the)
In sab bato kai baad maine fir apne job kai liye struggle, girlfriend ka dhoka or bohot sare experiences bataye.
Unhone muje apna card diya or dusre din office mai milne ko bola or ha yai bi ki vo vaha meri boss hai to muje unke sath boss jesa hi rista rakhna hai and aj jo mulakat hai use bhul kar kaam karna padega….Agar mai itna kar saku to kal 10 baje office pohoch jau…….Marta kya na karta maine kaha mai apko complaint ka koi muaka nahi duga.
Dusre din mai office pohocha to reception par bedhi ek juicy si ladki nai mujse mera naam or milne ka karan pucha, uske baad phone par bat karke usne muje resume dene or thodi der wait karne ko kaha….
Kuch der mai muje uska naam Swati pata chala…Uske liye to bas itna hi kahuga ki mai uske lips ko pakad kar iss tarah kiss karu ki uske lips par sai sari redness or juice pi jau…Magar khud ko sambhal kar rakha hua tha.
Mai office dekh kar pehle hi khus ho chuka tha or fir vaha itni sari khubsurat titliyo ko dekh kar to double khus ho gaya….Ab to mai yaha free mai kaam karne ka soch chuka tha tabi mera bulava aya or mai room mai gaya.
Maam kai sath ek sir bedhe huye the thode sai motu type kai, face sai hi full frustrated lag rahe the…….Ek rapid fire que. Ki series kai baad unhone muje 35000 par select kiya or meri performance achi rehne par next month hi increment ka promise kiya.
Agle hi din maine office ki formailities complete kar join kar liya. Pura office mai 26-34-26 kai item ghum rahe the or mai mere table par jaam gaya pehle din kuch logo sai dosti huyi isi tarah kuch din beet gaye kuch items sai friendship huyi magar itni nahi ki vo mere jivan mai sex kai aye akal ko khatam kar sake kyuki vo to pyar ka naam lekar patne vali girls thi or muje to ek sex ko pujne vali devi ki jarurat thi.
Or tabi ek din maam ka bulava aya…Mai unke room mai gaya…Unhone bade ache sai pucha tumhara kaam kaisa chal raha hai and office kaisa laga and all.
Fir boli aj shaam kya kar rahe ho….Maam kuch nahi……..
Mam- muje beer mai company doge
Mai- mam aap meri boss hai jo order doge karuga
Mam- are yaar ye boss vali nahi us din jese ek friend Vali Company
Mai- ji mam
Mam-fir shamko office hour end hone kai baad muje circle par milna vahi sai tume pick kar lugi
Office kai bad mai unka wait kar raha tha tabi unki car akar ruki or mai bedh gaya, puri journey vo mere sath masti karte huye ja rahi thi
Mam-kya hua aj bade formal ho rahe ho and chup-chup ho
Mai-mam ab aap meri boss hai
Mam-are yaar vo office mai, abi mai vohi hu jise tum uss din line maar rahe the
Fir hum ek hotel mai pohoche,or apni drink enjoy karne lage……..
Mam-tum abi bi mere sath comfortable nahi lag rahe
Mai-mam mai normal hu
Mam..Nuuups lag to nahi rahe……Idar ayo tume ek sip pilatu hu
Or fir unhone ek sip liya drink ka or muje pass ane ka isara kiya, mai jaise hi unke pas gaya unhone mere face ko pakad kar mere lips ko unke lips sai lock kar diya or puri drink mere muuah mai udel di jise mai ek saash mai pi gaya ab drink nahi thi balki unki jib thi jo bohot hi tasty or sweet lag rahi di, mere hath apne aap unki pith par chalne lage or mera dick ek dum sai salami dene laga…Or unke hath mere balo ko sehla rahe the fir maine apne ek hath sai unke boob ko pakda……….Muje laga mai satve aasmaan par hu or sayad yahi jannat hai magar tabhi unhone muje jatke sai alag kiya…….Or boli
Mam-bas karo tume to ungli kya di pura hath pakadne lage…Bohot chalu ho
Mai-mam hath pakad kar shanti kaha milti hai….Or chalu to mai bachpan sai hu
Or hum khil-khila kai has diye…….
Aj bas itna hi agli kahani mai batauga ki kya hua……And ek or chij mai sex par itni asani sai nahi ata to vo log jo sirf hawas kai liye padte hai muje bilkul na pade