Friday, 27 June 2014

Sisters’ Wonderful Birthday Gift – Part I

Hi every incest lover….
My name is Sanjay. I am from Hyderabad. I am an average looking guy, studying B.Tech final year. I come from an upper middle class family. My father works as an Executive Engineer. Mother is a house wife. I have a beautiful sister Sanjana, who is 2 years elder to me and she is pursuing her MBA in US. She is a beauty with sexy figure 32-28-32.
This story which I am, going to share with you had happened after my EAMCET exam, before i was joining engineering. At that time she was in her III year of Engineering.
Me and sister used to have a normal relationship until this happened. I used to tease her a lot and play with her. We used to fight for remote and all kind of arguments used to happen. I had very little know sex knowledge. During my 8th class i got little information about sex and all and how to masturbate through friends. I used to look at heroines pics in newspaper and shag. When I was in 10th, I sexual feelings for my sister as i dint had any girlfriends also at that time. But after 10th I went to hostel so I forgot about that.
As you guys know after EAMCET there is a lot of time for admission. At that time she was in her engineering 2nd year. During that time I used to spend most of my time with friends and in the evening I would be with my sister asking about her college, ragging and other stuff. At that time we had to share the same bed room as we had recently shifted to a new place which had 2 bedrooms only, we used the same pc. Mostly I used the computer for playing games. But one day when she went to college I unknowingly opened the browsing history .I was shocked to see the sites my sister browsed. There were lot of sexual sites for porn videos and sex stories. This is how I came to know this about ISS .I started reading the stories one by one. I mostly used to read the incest category. From that day I started observing my sister and i was becoming hornier and hornier. When she is at home she mostly wears T’s night tracks and nighty. I couldn’t stop myself staring at her sharp figure! What a great figure she had. I was becoming erotic day by day and i was dying to see her awesome body when she is asleep.
It was rainy season. One day she went to her friend’s home in the evening, and when she returned home she was drenched in water. At that time mom was in kitchen and I had to open the door. I was stunned to see her. She wore a chudi top which is tight fit to her figure and wet cloth had stuck to her body. Top had a long side cut and she wore a leg-in. Her thighs and panty cut were clearly visible from wet leg-in. Also it is clear that she wore a black bra and black panty. Smash! I am gone! My cock got up in an instant and i was just staring at her from top to bottom. I couldn’t stop myself starring at her. She just winked at me as if asking me what are you looking at and went into the bathroom to change clothes. I was becoming mad to do something and couldn’t resist myself, immediately after she came I got in and masturbated smelling the wet inners of my sister which she left there.
After dinner that night I couldn’t sleep. She was sleeping on a side with her back facing me. I could see her curves in the bed light so I slowly moved near her. Put my hand on her and didn’t move to confirm that she is in deep sleep. Then I caressed her soft butt. Then I put my leg over her so that she might think that I did it in sleep and moved even closer. Now my bulge is touching her ass crack. Then slowly put my hand over to her breast but couldn’t access as she was in a sideward direction. Slowly I started moving to and fro as if I am fucking her. Aahhaa…. what a great feel!! I had never felt in my life. When I was still trying to get my hand over her boobs suddenly she moved. I just froze away and moved away from her and pretended as if I was in a deep sleep .But to my surprise she didn’t wake up, but just turned to her back. Now she is sleeping with her front facing upward. Wow! Sleeping beside her, I could clearly see the curve of her breasts which looked like mountains in drawing that used to make in childhood (;-). Then I came to know that she is a deep sleep. Again after some time I moved near her and slowly put my hand on her breast over her T-shirt. Wow! What a soft mountains are they? I thought to myself. For some time I felt them and felt her nipples hard. My heart was beating faster doing all this things. I was at peak of arousal and wanted to feel her pussy area. I moved my hand very slowly from boobs to pussy and slowly put my hand on it, Oh my dick! It was so hotttttttttttttttt. I kept my hand on her pussy for some time and felt it was becoming wet, I saw my sisters face but she was still asleep. After some time I went to the bathroom and shagged again, I slept off after that. In the morning she was smiling whenever we met each other. I was in a confusion, as I don’t know the reason if she knew what happened and it was green signal or is it something else.
The day had passed and again I started my work with her after midnight. I wanted to see my sisters beautiful assets. So i planned i would remove her t-shirt upwards and see her boobs. After confirming she is asleep I started my work, i put my hand on her boobs while she was facing me. I gave them a light squeeze, she didn’t react so i was safe. I got to the starting of her t-shirt and lifted it upwards slowly. Then from back i moved it a little up. Slowly i moved them so she doesn’t wake up. My sexy sisters beautiful boobs now came closer. I moved it completely and got shocked! She didn’t wear her bra. I was shivering with fear and cock was dying to get free in my boxers. I saw my sisters’ boobs, brown nipples. Wowwwwww! First time in life seeing a girls boobs. I was ecstatic. I was very horny and wanted to taste them but fear was in mind if she is awake and says anything i would be shamed. After a pounding 5 mins or thinking and enjoying viewing her boobs i decided to kiss them so she doesn’t get up. I got near hear and kissed her nipples very softly. Amazing feeling it was. Now i got more daring and put my hand on them directly and slept. I don’t know when i slept i forgot to put her t-shirt in same position.
Morning i was awake and heard someone having shower in bathroom, i knew it was sister. I planned to see her pussy so went near the bathroom door and check if any hole is there. But still nothing was there, i came back and slept facing the bathroom. I heard door opening sound and closed my eyes. Curious to see what my sister does i opened my eyes and got another shock she was in towel which covered her bottom but top nothing was there. She was facing the mirror kept beside bathroom door. Beside her was a table on which her panty was kept, my cock got up in a instant thinking my sister was just in a towel nothing else. I was really horny and kept hand inside my underwear.
She was combing her hair and using a dryer (:-) for hair drying. After sometime most memorable thing happened in my life!!! My sister dropped the towel (door was closed of our bedroom), and her curvy butt was clearly visible to me. My eyes opened in double the size to see her beautiful ass. Her crack was visible very little. She threw towel on chair and took her panty. She put her hand on pussy and removed something (i guessed it was hair). Something exciting happened now. She bent down to wear the panty! OMG it was awesome scenery….her ass crack was now visible in this position and pussy also was visible in some way. She was unable to wear it she lifted her leg now and put one leg inside. She now turned back (shit i had to close my eyes) and put blanket on. I lifted my blanket in way i can see something from it. She had come closer to bed and sat on it to put her panty. I opened my eyes and lifted blanket to see her soft butt and back from so close she can feel my breath. I was smelling her omg so horny smell it was. Panty wearing was done. She moved again to chair got her bra and wore it. Sexy red bra and panty was making her look like sex goddess.
She looked in almirah for her dress and took a jeans and t-shirt. Again she came back to bed to wear her jeans and t-shirt. Now she had left the room for college. I was already rubbing my cock in bed which i continued in bathroom and shagged thinking of fucking her.(My sister did all this wontedly, which she told me later. So she was seducing me herself). I never let my sister sleep in the afternoon even when there is a chance as I felt I might miss my night act if she don’t get sleep during night time. She used to wear clothes that reveals her shapes.
That night came and after dinner she went back to room saying she is very tired and don’t switch off the fan as its hot today. She wore a nighty by the time i came into room and i can see her bra and panty was on floor (which she had done wontedly, told by her later). I understood she hadn’t wore anything in. I browsed videos for some time and felt sleepy. When i saw her on bed, i was surprised to see her. Her nighty had gone completely up till her thighs. I was really curious to see her pussy from close distance so i came near her legs. From down i was peeping in, it was dark so not clear. But i was already horny by then and dared to push her nighty up. She turned on her back now so it moved it up from back. My heart started pounding seeing her butt so closely, it was round and looking sexy. I was getting around a lot. I kissed on her butt cheeks very slowly. I wanted to put my finger in her butt hole and pussy hole so desperately i was dying. She made a sound so became cautious and moved down and slept on floor till she settles. She turned now facing the ceiling, which made me wonder if she is doing wontedly. I was just enjoying everything. I didn’t care and opened her front portion of nighty which revealed my sisters beautiful shaved brownish colored pussy. It was like 2 closed lips. It was first time me watching her pussy so close. I was already wet in underwear.
It was uncontrollable feeling and i wanted to feel her pussy. I planted a kiss on her pussy. So hotttt it was …wowwwwwwww. I was just feeling so horny seeing her beautiful love hole. I touched it for first time and felt the warmth. It was smelling so horny to me. It was love smell!!!. I dared more and put a finger in her pussy she moaned a little and i felt she was getting awake. She got up and went in to toilet (she felt like peeing, which she told me later). I got so scared and slept instantly. Of course i couldn’t sleep thinking what will happen next if she is ok, is she is not ok, and is she complains to mom dad. All this things made me awake whole night and i was awake late. I slept after a lot of struggle and woke up in morning very late.
She came back in evening and i was avoiding facing her. She came and spoke to me very normally as if nothing happened. Sanju em chesav rojantha intlone na bore et al(What u did all day bored at home?), i was so much relieved by her talk that she is not aware or ok with what i did. That night she asked me before going to sleep”Night em chesav babu nidra leda niku”(what had u done in night u didn’t sleep it seems).
I was scared if she knows it or doesn’t. So i was silent that day and did nothing whole night. I went to a tour next day and came back home. Sanju was having leaves due to telangana bandh, mom and dad went to native place same day. It was my birthday the day before i had reached home. That afternoon I was sitting on the sofa in the hall and was watching TV. Sanju came and slept beside me, after sometime she felt asleep and slept on sofa putting her head on my thighs for watching TV ( that was common for us both to sleep on each other’s lap even in our parents presence). I was in my short and T. She was in a t shirt and a long skirt. While watching TV she felt asleep (all this was part of seducing me which she told me later). I could see she didn’t wear a bra as her nipples were poking. Also her skirt was pulled up showing her milky thighs. I had a bulge in my shorts already. My hand was shivering thinking I might get caught if I touch. So I remained watching her. Then she moved to a side revealing her ass with panty (skirt had move completely up. Her head was on my cock which was trying to get up and her head was making it down. I think, about half an hour had passed. Suddenly she got up and stood before me and said (smiling) ,“What Babu u do everything only in the night ?”. I don’t know what to say. I was just stammering I.. I.. i….she came very close to me and said with a smile on her face , “I know what u were doing all these nights. From today you need not do it secretly. Infect, u can do it any time you wanted. “Saying she remove her panty from the skirt and put it on my head took my hand and kept it on her boob and in no time I started pressing them. She stood up saying, ”oh ! My loving brother this is your sisters’ gift for your birthday. ” She stood up lifted her skirt till her waist. I could see her sexy pussy now very clearly. She sat on me and my cock was touching her pussy without an inch gap. Her boobs were completely pressed to my chest .She put her both hands around my neck and pulled me to her. She kissed my neck, then my cheek, eyes forehead and finally lip locked. I first sucked her lower lip and then her upper lip .then took her tongue in to my mouth putting my tongue in to hers .we were sucking each other like wild animals fiercely fighting. When we were about to take off our clothes the doorbell rang………….meet u in the 2nd part.
Don’t miss the second part as it would be one of the best part that I am going to write.

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