Friday, 27 June 2014

Doubled The Fun In A Hotel Room

Hi this is Ris from Pondicherry post ur feedback to my id rockhardsri@gmail.com, thank u for ur feedback to my previous story this is continuation of that story remaining 3 day we were walking half naked everywhere in the house, we fucked whenever i got erection, while cooking, bathing, washing clothes, we enjoyed that 3 days thoroughly when i was about to leave.
We had a farewell fuckin session which lasted more than an hour then i left to my town, in meantime we had phone fun we planned on meeting but all plans failed, but one day my cousin brother (whose house is located near to my house) came with invitation for their new house Pooja he is also related to my aunt so i thought she will also come to that function, invitation was also sent to my aunt’s village which i heard from her we were happy as we will have a reunion on that occasion and the function also came I was busy with Pooja work i can’t spend time with her though i wanted to, finally that golden opportunity came through my cousin’s father as there were more guests then expected there was a need to book some rooms in nearby hotel so i arranged room for everybody and kept one room reserve which is secluded from other room and it is in one corner and that way is completely deserted except occasional room service which also i managed by correcting service boy as the day falls everyone started to move to their allotted rooms(the keys are already handed over to them). I asked my aunt to send her children to their in laws room and her also obeyed, all pieces are falling together as planned, finally i went to that room which was already open as expected i came prepared.
I already bought a pack of condom and when i entered the room i got shocked she is not alone she was with her sister Vijaya.
I know her name coz she introduced her to me during Pooja she was also a fair lady with 34 28 34 avg ht neither slim and nor fatty. Initially i was unaware of her intention so i was disappointed on her arrival still i thought somehow i shud fuck my aunt as my blood was boiling with lust i already made up my mind, so i went inside and started to chat formally and we went to sleep. Both of them slept in the bed while i slept in floor beneath it i can’t sleep my testosterone was stronger than ever i raised and signaled her, i did not notice her sister’s face as there only single room i went to bathroom and signaled her to follow me.
I don’t know why she smiled toward her sister side a bit and followed me to bathroom, immediately i locked the latch and asked why did u brought her with u for which she sensibly replied how could i take a room alone if so then everybody will doubt me. So i brought her don’t worry she won’t cause any trouble initially i can’t catch the meaning, k whatever already time wasted so
I can’t control anymore i pushed her to the wall her backside facing me i removed my shorts and boxers my 6.5′ dick was standing straight like a pole.
I lifted her nighty above her hips as expected she wasn’t wearing anything under it i can see her hairy pussy ready to rammed and i tore a condom packet with my teeth and put it in a hurry and i positioned myself at her entrance while she was bending and holding the wall i gave a strong push, my dick went completely inside, she gave a “moan aaaahn mma” her sis would have heard it.
If she is awake then i started to fuck her fast i love doing in this position as my crotch hit against her ass, i was unstoppable room was echoing with our fuckin noise “chap chap thup thup” and her moans “huff hnnh s s s s s hunh fuck me fuck me.
S s s s huhn ayyo hahn” in between i was squeezing her 34c boobs, suddenly there was a knock in bathroom door i was like oh shit.
Who will it be i know for sure that i locked my room door b4 sleeping, suddenly there was a sound sis it’s me why r u talking this long i need to pee come quick, i was taken aback oh man how am i going to handle her Sunitha said just hide behind the
Shower screen i can’t think any other alternative so i obeyed her and hid myself Sunitha said yeah i am coming and adjusted herself and went outside.
Her sister was about to enter i thought my heart is gonna jump out any minute she was also in her nighty she lifted her nighty to pee i can see she was saved cleanly seeing this again my dick started growing, after peeing she was looking herself at mirror.
I can’t help but notice how beautiful she is, and she went near the door i thought finally she was gonna leave but i heard a latching sound of the door she returned and started to undress herself in a minute she was nude completely from top to bottom.
I was mesmerized by her beauty then she talked how long are u planning to hide in there now will be a goodtime to show urself.
I covered my crotch with the shorts with my head down i raised, she was laughing seeing my state i asked how u knew.
She simply said ur aunt betrayed u, then i asked why did she went outside, she replied i barrowed a half an hour for myself privately saying this she seductively bit her lips and gave a wink, everything started to get clear for me they planned all of this together (i laughed thinking about my stupidity), she said clock is ticking let get started already I’ve thrown the shorts and moved towards her and held her hair and started to smooch her wildly for 5 minutes and pushed her towards the wall and started to kiss her from head to toe she replied enough with the foreplay let’s start to the main event saying this she pointed toward her pussy, in a hurry i squatted myself with my head near her pussy and grabbed her ass punched a kiss with ma lip on her pussy and later i started to suck her wildly she held the rod above and put her legs above my shoulder and locked it then i plunged into her exploring her pussy i can’t hold anymore i lifted her and made her lie on the wet floor with her back lying in the floor and i moved towards the top and started to smooch again wildly then i took my dick and placed at the tip of her pussy, she was excited and i gave it a jerk my head went inside she shouted ammma and i again gave a strong jerk.
It went inside completely she was like haaaaaaahn aaaaaaaaaaah what are u planning to rip myself apart but i like it then i take it out fully and again rammed it hardly inside her she was like ohhhhhhhhn ssssssss sssssss give it to me. Then i started to suck her boobs and bite her erect nipples we were fuckin like beasts on the floor she started hug me tightly.
I sensed that she was about to cum i increased my speed with strength at last she squirted her juice which i could feel in my dick she shouted ssssss sssss haaaahn u r the man s s s s, i was not yet finished but the half an hour was over. I can hear the knock and her voice was it over oh the time is up i said it was my turn to tease ur sister then i lifted her in the same position and unlatched the door my aunt was like taken back by my attitude, then i carried Vijaya and we dropped ourself on the bed and continued our session right b4 her eyes she was still near the bathroom door confused what to do though Vijaya was having the best ride of her life her eyes were fixed on her sis she cum again and i invited her com and join but still i was teasing her by not giving her enough attention Vijaya told i had enough now my sis’s turn, i replied not so fast she had to pay for her mistake for hiding me the truth she was like sry da i thought of giving u a surprise gift, u know i can’t be convinced u shud get ur punishment she replied politely like a school girl k then what is it.
I can’t lose u at any cost then i raised myself moved towards her removed the clothes in a flash of a second, two naked chicks.
In one room with me i was in cloud nine hen i lifted her and dropped next to Vijaya (she was watching us carefully) and i turned her with her face facing downwards keeling and lifted her face and ass slightly upwards i asked Vijaya to get under her sister and get into a 69 position remaining they understood they started while i opened her ass cheek and stuffed my mouth in my aunt’s ass and started to suck her wildly she was moaning heavily i continued for another 5 minutes and i positioned my dick against her backdoor entrance then i held her hip firmly and started to give a push after much struggle my dickhead alone went inside.
She was begging to do it slowly then after sometime i started to slowly fuck her ass and after 5min i was completely inside
Her ass then slowly i picked up the pace and started to ram her hard her ass was incredibly tight it was squeezing my dick.
She was literally shoutin hayyyyo haahn happppaaaaah then i squeezed her breast and fucked her hard my balls were slapping against her pussy which was wet from her sister’s sucking then i asked her sister under to move i shifted my entire weight on her and she fell flat on her stomach i was above her and was fucking her ass with all my might i can sense her that i was about to cum i took my dick out and inserted in her mouth and started to fuck her mouth and ordered her to drink it completely and i came hardly for more than 15sec.
She obediently swallowed my entire load then i fell in between both of them my aunt said initially the a pin was unbearable i thought I am gonna die but soon it turned into complete pleasure but i doubt i can’t walk properly for someday naughty boy saying this she kissed me i can taste my cum a bit salty on that ni8 again i fucked both of them separately hope u like my story.
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