Friday, 27 June 2014

Angel Mom Shows Me The Heaven – Part I

If there any mistakes please forgive me this is the first time I’m writing one, it might get long but be patient :)
Hi! Myself Hiren (24/5′) average body. My mom name Sulekha (46/5”3, 38-36-40) for her age her skin is still milky smooth and meat on right places ;), abt my dad he is living in abroad n fulfilling our necessities: p
Actually i wasn’t much in incest but few things made me change my point of view against my family. When i went to my friend house and accidentally saw he was fucking his mom and both were fully nude he was pressing her butt n sucking her boobs and she was moaning in pleasure running her had through his hair and holding him tight, seeing all that made me horny too and rock hard. I just left from there not knowing what to do … I straight went to home and masturbate thinking about what i saw and i was zoned out thinking about it was it real and this was the point i changed.
My mom is pretty broad minded we share things which bother us, she noticed the change in me that am zoned out now-a-days she approached me to talk she was asking, if everything ok did something happen? I just brushed off the topic by saying nothing it just my project work nothing more than that, she didn’t look satisfied to my answer but she didn’t bothered me and got back to her chores, those scenes again flashed on my mind i got a hard on and i went in bathroom to masturbate, i came out with just wearing t-shirt and still semi erect prick and mom entered the room to pick up my clothes for washing and she saw me in that state and quickly turned around “omg! What were you thinking about just roaming naked like that? Geez”, i was dumbstruck for a while n covered myself with bed sheet, i replied “you should have knocked first and come, i was going to shower and had to take my things so came out”, she said srry and left from there, this situation made my prick hard again. I masturbated again and had shower, i went in hall turned on tv and sitting in couch, I was hungry i call mom tha I’m hungry need some snacks. After a while she came and gave me snacks and said sorry again i saw her face she was blushing a little i felt a lil guilty, as she was leaving my eyes followed her path and saw her butt swaying seeing that my heart just pounded and stop for a moment; when i was back to my senses i saw my prick wanted to be free and a tent was raised. I couldn’t sleep that night from that day onwards i started peeking on mom and watching her moves when she use to bent to serve me food i would see her huge boobs and sexy cleavage inviting me or when she dusting house her butt would raise too high. I was getting desperate. When i returned from work she called me for help seeing her sexy butt my prick was hard i just went and hugged her from behind she was lil confused what happed but she didn’t complaint she just thought it was normal hug n she greeted welcome, I was helping her the storeroom was lil crowded coz of stuffs and had very narrow space to move.
She was handling some stuff and wanted to go out and while doing so her butt brushed against my prick accidentally but m sure she must have felt it but she didn’t react and while cleaning i got many chances to feel her soft and private parts everything was done and she thanked me, we both were all sweaty and her clothes clinging to body revealing parts i was examining her sexy body she caught my eye and said what are you staring at? In a caring but stern voice, i was lil scared but i gave a chance of do or die and told her all truth and that i wanna make love to her she was shocked to see my boldness and scolded me blah blah blah … It was night i didn’t wanted to face her so didn’t go for dinner just sat in my room after a while there was a knock on the door she came in still lil anger on her face but she talked and asked me to have dinner, i just listened her and after having dinner i started to move toward my room and she asked me to stop, she was crying also her eyes were reflecting her care for me as I’m the only one for her, to make it ease. I said “I’m really sorry, this won’t happen again cause i care for you mom” she felt a lil good n replied “its ok, i understand for your age its natural”. Everything went normal for few days but i also noticed change in her dressing style like she wanted to reveal in front of me but i was not sure about it so i let it go, once while having breakfast she said “i wanna ask something, and be true”, i said “sure”, she exclaimed that ” the day when i accidentally entered your room; did you do that on purpose? Did you masturbate thinking about me?” I was lil shocked and said “no mom, and told the real truth of that day” she just said hmmm making a poker face , m sure she must be shocked hearing that but didn’t wanted to show any expression … She then asked muffling sound and her voice was cracking in nervousness “do you like observe me ?” i got a lil hint where it’s going to but didn’t wanted to act quick cause this chance might slip away so i just nodded head in yes, she was a lil shy i can see that then she asked “what do you like in me most ?” I said i like the whole you, she exclaimed “explain?”, i said your luscious lips which i wanna suck n get sucked, and i love the way you walk your butt sways i feel like grabbing them and rub my prick on them, your soft n jiggling boobs with whom i wanna play with, your sexy thighs where i was rest my head and make my way between them from where i came in this world. She was amazed n was all blushed but there was a concern in her eye and she said “I’m too old for a guy like you and will society say”, i sensed her lust for me.
I can understand as she is no getting much attention she needs as dad is not here , so i its way to my replied to her “you’re not at all old, you would give complexion to other girls out there and i don’t care about society i just need you”. She was touched but also confused not to know what to do further she was chocked and she cleared her throat and replied promise you will never leave me her eyes were wet, i said “i promise” she hugged me tightly in her embrace we stayed like that for few minutes and then looking in each other eyes she was shy n said “what?” i said nothing just took my face close to her and gave a peck on her lips she didn’t respond i gave another peck still she didn’t i stretched my arms around her and was going to give another peck and she reciprocated by leaning her head towards me and i just took my head back to tease her she was leaning more i smiled and she saw that and got shy again and slapped my chest in playful manner, this was something new and unexpected to both of us so surroundings were silent only our actions talking. I kept hand on her thigh over her saree and leaned to kiss her and she did too this was not a peck it was a lip kiss i probe my tongue on her lips and she accepted it by opening her lips our tongue met and started playing with each other, exchanging saliva it was turned into a deep French kiss, we both were breathing heavily and panting but didn’t wanted to leave each other. I removed my hands from her thighs and slid i around her waist and pulled her tight and closer to me, now her body was resting on me i could feel her boobs on my chest and her erect nipples, i was massing her waist and our kisses were still going wild and she was moaning in pleasure inside my mouth. I grabbed her butt n pressing it hard wow it was sooo soft i couldn’t stop pressing them, we finally released each other from kiss it was really a horny and best French kiss i ever had i bet same for her ;) she then started to move away from me i just pulled her back and she fall on me, she said and pleaded “let me go need to do chores and dinner” i said leave i for today and we will order from hotel today actually I’m hungry but just for you ;) she blushed and said “you are very naughty, now let me go” , i wanted to be with her so i said i will assist you in kitchen today, she said no, i know what you are thinking and blinked at me, i pleaded and finally she agreed.
She was preparing dinner i was helping her by giving things she needed and while doing so i use to brush myself on her and in between hug her she just blushes n said nothing, dinner was ready i had a plan, mom served dinner and we sat next to each other on sofa in front of tv, suddenly my devil mind got an idea i asked mom can we feed each other today? She smiled in funny way and said well hmmm of course … She moved her hand towards me to feed me, i said no not like this mom, she got puzzled then i indicated her feed me by your lips and i smiled sheepishly but same time nervous, her reactions were like what! But she was blushing her cheeks turned red i pleaded her but she kept refusing then i said i won’t eat until u feed me by your lips finally she agreed, she hold food in her lips and her eyes were closed and her lips shivering a lil cause of nervousness. I was enjoying it, she proceeded to me her face came close to mine with closed eyes. I said called her and she open her eyes and she was blushing, i open my lips and got close to her and placed it on her lips, we didn’t bite the food we just stayed like that for few seconds and staring in each other eyes and started sucking each other lips with the food and biting each other lips accordingly, we didn’t eat much cause we were hot by then i just hugged mom and feeling warmness all over my body. I could sense her erect nipples trying to poke out of her blouse as she was not wearing any bra that time, i moved my hands and caught hold off her boobs n slowly pinched her nipples she gave a soft moan, i felt a different sensation when i lowered my eyes i couldn’t believe mom hands were crawling over my thighs getting close to my crotch area finding way to get hold of my cock and she did, she massaged my cock over the track pant i was wearing and the way mom doing it made him hard and the sensation i never felt before i just darted my tongue in her mouth and she readily accepted it tasting her , i was pushing her blouse so i can free her boobs also wanted to see her sexy boobs which i use to suck milk from when i was baby ;) but she pulled my hand away and took it her butt, i just pressed her butt tightly cause of which she arched up and i hugged her tightly, i squeezed my face on her boobs and she loved it. She was running her hands in my hairs n holding tight, i started licking her boobs over blouse making it all wet with my saliva and her nipples where poking put and highlighting themselves and i slowly raised mom saree and her petticoat without her knowledge till her knees i just wanted to get inside cause i wanted to squeeze those soft sexy thighs and the untouched area ;) but moms are smart as always she noticed it and didn’t allow me to raise it above her knee’s, a wild foreplay like this mom made me stop and just blushed and went to kitchen i didn’t wanted to force her so i let her do and act her own way i started watching tv. Mom completed her chores and took shower all that time my eyes were just on her reading and checking her movements and she also knew it and she just blush and turn around. It was really late night, i didn’t wanted to sleep but also didn’t wanted to force her so i just lay on bed turning off all lights and i closed my eyes to clear my thoughts so i can be lil calm but it didn’t help my hand automatically went over my cock and i started rubbing it thinking about mom and the incidents we went through i was just in t-shirt and naked below feeling my cock like mom did but it had different magic when mom did it…
I will post my next part of story soon after i see good response promise :) you can email athothungrystud@gmail.Com if you would like to share your thoughts or story with me then you are most welcomed and you can expect utmost privacy from my side :)
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